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    The potential of different business approaches to reduce poverty and marginality depends on the characteristics of different regions and people living in these regions. Here, (a) population density, (b) accessibility, e.g. in terms of mobile phone, internet and road connections, as well as (c) the predominant form of livelihood and/or farming systems may be important factors determining market sizes and transaction costs and thus incentives to invest in these markets. This map is an overlay of these different indicators. Greenish colors show irrigated or perennial areas, brownish colors pastoralist, agro-pastoralist and arid areas and reddish colors indicate areas dominated by different other farming patterns. The lighter the color the lower the population and road density. For the classification of population and connectivity values being ‘high’ or ‘low’ the national mean value is used as threshold. Data: Population density: CIESIN (2011) Connectivity: CSA et al. (2008) Farming systems: HarvestChoice (2001)