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    Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) consists of 75 legal indicators developed under 23 of the UNEP Bali Guidelines that are concerned with the development and implementation of legislation. In addition to the legal indicators, EDI includes 24 supplemental indicators that assess whether there is evidence that environmental democracy is being implemented in practice. The EDI legal indicators assess laws, constitutions, regulations and other legally binding, enforceable rules at the national level. Participation Index rank contains following guidelines:- Guideline 8: "Early Public Participation" ? Guideline 9: "Proactive Public Consultation" ? Guideline 10: "Informed Participation" ? Guideline 11: "Due Account of Public Comments" ? Guideline 12: "Public Participation in Review" ? Guideline 13: "Integrating Public Input for Rule-making" ? Guideline 14: "Capacity Building for public participation (There are no indicators for this guideline)"