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    Using the methodology developed by Graw and Husmann (2014), the map overlays three indicators (high agricultural potential, high poverty mass and high yield gaps) to identify areas with high potential for agricultural development and poverty reduction in Kenya. Data sources and thresholds: Agricultural potential: Suitability of currently available land area for rainfed crops, using maximising crop and technology mix, FGGD map 6.61 (2005), High: top 3 suitability classes (medium high, high and very high) Poverty mass: Number of poor people in Kenya (by district), KIHBS (2005/06), High: >300,000 per district Yield gap: Yield gap for a combination of major crops, FAO/IIASA - GAEZ (2000/05), High: < 0.25 (on a scale from 0-1, with the highest value in Kenya ca. 0.44) District boundaries: Kenya Central Bureau of Statistics (2003)